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Canal Park Brewing Company

Do yourself a favor. If you've never been to Duluth, go visit. It's a beautiful city. We were on our way home from a family reunion, and decided to take a detour, and go to the north shore. After a little bit of traveling, we got a little hungry and thirsty. So, we decided to stop off in Duluth. Nestled along Lake Superior, Duluth is a city that sees a lot of ships come through it's ports. Lots of products come in, and go out of, Duluth.

Coming in to Duluth is quite the scene. Next thing you know, you're driving along, and you see scenery like this.

When we got in to Duluth, we decided to try to find a place that would give us a nice view of Lake Superior. After searching, we decided on Canal Park Brewing. It was a little difficult to find (thanks lousy GPS directions), but

Atmosphere--It was busy when we were there. But it was also a Sunday afternoon, right after Duluth hosted a big craft beer festival. We only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table, and the service, considering how busy it was, was still pretty good.

Not only do they serve beer, but they have a full menu as well. Apps, burgers, fish, you name it. The 10 beers on tap ranged from a strawberry ale to a tripel. We each drank one beer, since we still had a long drive home ahead of us.

Click Drag Kolsch-4.9% ABV 62 IBU

Sami: It was smooth, incredibly drinkable, fruity, and if I didn't have to drive a long ways, I would have had one or two more.

Superior Haze Juicy Pale Ale-6.5% ABV 45 IBU

Will: It was good, but it didn't jump off the page to me. When I really like something, I end up drinking it pretty fast. This one, I took my time with it. I've had better.

The Verdict-We haven't been to any other breweries in Duluth, so we don't know exactly how it stands up to the rest. But for our first experience at a brewery in Duluth, it was a good experience. It's definitely a good spot if you want to swing through and have a bite to eat, and a beer, along with a great view.

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