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Bald Man Brewing's Second Anniversary

We have been to Eagan's Bald Man Brewing many times in their two years of existence (we live a short distance away from the brewery). They are definitely passionate about good beer and good music, and those two things were combined at their second anniversary bash.

In addition to their normal beers, they tapped some special beers throughout the night, including a jalapeno cream ale, an imperial IPA that is usually released in the fall, a coffee infused Tupelo Honey brown ale, and a special 100th batch beer, which was an imperial version of their Tupelo Honey. They also tapped a keg of their Rocktoberfest, and their Hazy IPA (Sami's favorite).

We both enjoyed the Tupelo Honey with the coffee infusion. We both agree that it wasn't too bitter up front (but you could definitely taste the coffee), but you could also taste the honey that is used for that beer, and it made for a smoother finish.

Their Hazy IPA, called Purple Haze, Bro, is a favorite of ours. It started off as one of their "One Hit Wonders," but was so popular, that it became a seasonal beer, which they have a hard time keeping available, because it is in such high demand among it's patrons.

The special 100th batch was an imperial version of the Tupelo Honey. It was a very strong beer. The Tupelo Honey is normally 6.5% ABV, but this special batch was over 8%. It tasted every part of it, and then some.

The Killer Queen is one of the strongest beers Bald Man has produced, at 9.5% ABV. It is an Imperial IPA that you definitely need to have in small doses. They tend to be a fall seasonal, and they do sell them in bottles in local liquor stores, and in the taproom.

One of the cooler things Bald Man did during the even was a raffle. The proceeds benefited the Breast Cancer Education Association. The prizes ranged from gift cards to a local golf course, dance lessons, to gift cards to restaurants that carry Bald Man's beer.

The music for the night was from a local cover band called High Octane. They played a lot of rock hits from the 70's through the 90's. Cover bands can be very hit and miss, but this particular one was one of the better ones we've seen.

Bald Man has thrown many parties in the time they've been open, and they rarely disappoint. This one was no exception. It was a great time. Happy birthday Bald Man, and here's to more years, and here's to more beers!

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