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Castle Danger Maple Marzen

Location drank: New Bohemia Wurst & Bierhaus, Eagan, Minnesota

I decided last Friday night to go out to dinner. I didn't feel like cooking, and I wanted to do something I don't do very often. I've only been to New Bohemia once, and I knew that had a huge tap last for local craft beer-not just from Minnesota, but from some surrounding states as well. I figured this was a good spot, and I knew I would find a beer I had never drank before. The Surly beer brat was tasty. But was the beer?

Castle Danger Maple Marzen 5.7% ABV

The Maple Marzen is a fall seasonal from Castle Danger Brewing in Two Harbors, Minnesota, which is located along Lake Superior in northeast Minnesota. This beer combines German hops and malts with maple syrup, for a malty and maple taste.

The verdict: I'm a sucker for unique beers. I've never had anything like this before. You definitely can taste the maltiness, and the maple flavor. But, at the same time, neither seemed overpowering to me. I could see it being a little too malty for some people, but if you like malty flavor, you will enjoy this.

One other note: this is a bit difficult to find in the Twin Cities. New Bohemia has it on tap, and if you're in the Eagan area, Union 32 has it on tap. It is only available on tap in the Metro.

The verdict

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