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Clutch Brewing Company

Ever since Clutch Brewing opened in September, we have been wanting to visit there. It has a great location, in the Keg and Case Market in St. Paul, where it occupies the top floor. Below it are various shops, where you can buy food and other accessories. But, most important, the top floor has beer.

The Atmosphere

The best way we can describe the atmosphere is fun. The top floor is very open concept, so you can people watch on both floors. In one section of the seating area, it had some lounge seating. Otherwise, there are plenty of tables for seating, as well as at the bar.

The top floor of the Keg and Case Market, where Clutch Brewing resides.

The Beer

Clutch Brewing's Straight 8 IPA

Straight 8 7% ABV 68 IBU

The Straight 8 is a juicy IPA, made strictly with mosaic hops. There are some citrus notes to it.

Will: This was very good. You definitely can tell the citrus is in it. It was well balanced.

Chaiceratops 7% ABV

This is a Rye IPA with chai tea notes, and Pacific Northwest hops in it.

Will: I thought this was too bitter, and it didn't have enough chai taste to it.

Sweet Jane 4.5% ABV 27 IBU

You can also get this on nitro (which is how this beer was drank). This is their milk stout, which has some coffee notes to it, to balance out the sweetness of the milk sugar.

Sami: It was really good on nitro. It was nice and smooth. You can really taste the coffee, but it's also not overpowering.

The Verdict

We both agree that this a very good spot for a brewery. It's in a new building that has something for everyone. The beer and atmosphere are good. They've been so busy, that they've had to be closed two days a week to keep up with the demand of the beer, which says how much people like it. If you're on your way to downtown St. Paul, you should definitely stop by this place and have a pint. You won't be disappointed.

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