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Angry Inch Brewing Company

Located in the heart of downtown Lakeville, in the south part of the Twin Cities metro, lies Angry Inch Brewing. Opened two years ago, Angry Inch is the first brewery to open in Lakeville. Angry Inch's name comes from the Broadway musical Hedwing and the Angry Inch.

The Atmosphere

This is one of the smaller breweries we've visited. It had an industrial vibe to it (the building is located in a former Ace Hardware). It did have a welcoming atmosphere too-not just from the beertenders, but from the regulars too.

The Beer

We have made a couple of visits to the brewery since it opened, and it felt like the quality of the beer has improved over time. We were in an IPA mood that night, so we will review those here.

Never Ending IPA (Calypso hops)

An East Coast IPA with nothing but Calypso hops, with grapefruit and pine flavors.

Will: They crushed it with this one. It was very juicy. The flavors were great. This is a really well done beer.

Naked Hop Party

A West Coast IPA with a tangerine nose, and a grapefruit finish

Sami: It was very citrusy. The hops lingered. It was a middle of the road beer for me.

Four Horesmen IPA

A wet hop IPA brewed with Minnesota grown Centennial hops.

Will: I would classify this as "just fine." It was good, but it didn't jump off the page. It's still drinkable.

The Verdict

We both really enjoyed our experience there. The beer was good, and the vibe was good. The location isn't bad either, right in the heart of downtown Lakeville. If you make a trip to the south metro, go visit Angry Inch. You will enjoy your stay.

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