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Island City Docksider

While on a recent trip to Rochester, in southeast Minnesota, we decided to look for some beer local to the area on our way out of town. While we weren't able to find anything specifically brewed in Rochester, we were able to find something that we can not find in the Twin Cities, brewed by Island City Brewing in Winona, Minnesota, about two hours southeast of the Twin Cities, along the border with Wisconsin

Island City Docksider Double IPA 8% ABV 72 IBU

The Docksider is a double dry hopped IPA, with citrus notes, and a heavy malt bill.

The Verdict:

Sami: It had a good amber color to it. It had a nice aroma to it. It didn't taste like a DIPA in that it didn't have a strong or bitter taste to it. I liked it.

Will: The thing that stood out to me was that it didn't taste like an 8% beer. It tasted a lot less lighter than it. That's not a bad thing. It was pretty smooth. It was nice and citrusy. I enjoyed it.

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