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Fair State Giantsbane

Around Christmas, I walked in to a Total Wine, looking to stock up on some beer for the holidays. A few breweries were sampling that night, including Fair State. They had several beers that I've had in the past, but Giantsbane was something completely unique to me. It's a double stout, something I've never really dabbled in before.

Fair State Giantsbane 8% ABV 50 IBU

Giantsbane is a double stout with dark and roasted malts, and with some oats, Check out this video for it on their Youtube page:

The Verdict

I've found that stouts can be hit and miss for me. Some have been quite good, and others made me want my money back. My first taste (before seeing the ABV) was that it was higher than 10%. It tasted strong enough to be that way. It was a little sweet, which is fine with me. This definitely tasted like something I've never had before, and I enjoyed it. This another fine entry in a long line of good Fair State beers.

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