Junkyard Brewing Experimental IPA with Ekuanot Hops

March 25, 2019


Location purchased: Blue Max Liquors 


I’ve always heard good things about Junkyard Brewing. Naturally, when the brewery is a 3:30 drive from your house, getting the beer from the source is difficult. But on a recent trip to the liquor store, spotted this beer . 



Junkyard Brewing Experimental IPA with Ekuanot Hops 6.2% ABV




This is a New England Style IPA with Ekuanot hops. Admittedly, as someone who is still relatively new to learning about a lot of thing craft beer, I was not familiar with Ekuanot hops. In doing some research through the Brewers Supply Group website,  they were known as Equinox hops, and have only existed for about five years. They're known for having a high oil content, and helps give off a strong impression of citrus, fruit and herbs.


The Verdict


One of the things that stood out to me is that this was a little on the bitter side, which I was not expecting. I'm not sure if  the hops having anything to do with that or not, but I still enjoyed it.









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