Insight Old One Eye

July 29, 2019

Location Purchased: Wyatt's Twisted Americana, Eagan, MN


We haven't drank a whole lot lately. After our trip to Virginia, and as much as we drank on that trip, we needed a bit of a break. Now, we're back, with more reviews. We decided to go out to dinner recently, with the idea of getting more content to the site. I was in the mood for something lighter, since I feel like I've drank nothing but NE IPAs of late. A blonde ale was the answer to that.


Insight Old One Eye 5.6% ABV








A Norse Style Blonde Ale, Old One Eye features a Norwegian yeast called Hornindal, and is fermented at higher temperature (somewhere between 70-100 degrees farenheit).


The Verdict


I thought this was a nice, crisp beer, low ABV beer, that you can have more than one of while hanging out on your patio. The taste is slightly different that your average blonde ale, because of the yeast. But it's still a solid beer.






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