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Roets Jordan Brewery

The summer was quite busy for us, so we weren't able to get out and explore and review as many breweries and beers as we would have liked to, and we had a rare weekend free, and neither of us had been to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store in Jordan, and since Roets Jordan Brewery (pronounced like Roats) is just a short drive from there, it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. It's located about 40 minutes southwest of Minneapolis

The Atmosphere

The first thing we noticed when we got there was that the place had the feel of a small town bar. Being that it was both of our first times there, the beertenders were very cool about trying a few different types of beer before we drank them. Regulars there were like family to them. The brewery is also dog friendly.

The Beer

Jordan Pale Ale 5% ABV

An American style pale ale

Will: A pretty solid, low ABV beer. Definitely one you can have more than one of, and not feel bad about it.

Uberhop 8% ABV 69 IBU

Honey IPA with Cascade, CTZ, and Mosaic hops

Sami: I really liked it. It was hoppy, a little citrusy, but not overbearing.

Bearded Lad Scottish Ale 5.8% ABV 23 IBU

A dark, malty Scottish Ale

This was my favorite beer of the ones we had. It was really well made. It was a nice and malty.

Stout 8% ABV 60 IBU

Jamaican style export stout

Will: Stouts can be hit and miss to me. This was definitely a hit. It didn't taste as bitter as the IBU would suggest.

The Verdict

We both agree that if you are traveling down 169, you need to make the stop in Jordan, and check this place out. It has good beer, and some good music playing while you're there. You will be welcomed in a small town kind of way.

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