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Lupulin 8 Count IPA

Location purchased: Blue Max Liquors, Burnsville

I'll be honest with you. This pandemic has been a drag. Our desire to drink just isn't there. Running this blog hasn't been fun without being able to go to a brewery to really enjoy the experience. And drinking at home hasn't been as fun, either.

Having said that, the itch has come back. After watching the virtual All Pints North at the beginning of August, and seeing the beer talk, kinda sparked it.

One of the beers that stood out to me during All Pints North was the 8 Count IPA from Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake, MN, northwest of the Twin Cities. It's a collaboration with former IBF Super Middleweight champion, Caleb Truax.

Lupulin 8 Count IPA 7.5% ABV

The orange flavor, at first taste, is what stands out with this beer. It's noticeable, but certainly not overpowering. It doesn't go down heavy either. I was drinking this over the weekend, and after one, I decided that I needed another one, and the second went down just as well. I definitely recommend going out and getting this beer.

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