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9 Mile Brewing

It took a long time, but Bloomington finally has it's first brewery. Recently opened 9 Mile Brewing, located in the southern part of Bloomington, is another option for beer lovers who are looking for a place to drink in the south metro. We recently attended a very jam packed grand opening.

The Vibe

The brewery had a very industrious vibe to it. It is very open concept, with plenty of seating, with both lounge type seating, and regular tables. It is extremely dog friendly, as you are able to bring your four legged best friends in with you. There is also some Sci-Fi memorabilia scattered throughout the brewery, with everything from Star Wars to Game of Thrones, just to name a few. There is also a VIP room, and an indoor fireplace.

What to Drink

Sami- The Tangerine Guava Sour was the beer that stood out to me the most. While I know that sours aren't for everybody, I highly recommend that you give this one a try. This tangy, tart, and tropical beer packs a terrific punch. The mix of tangerine and guava reminds me of a hot summer day in the thick of a Minnesota winter, and having a reminder of a hot summer day in the brutal Minnesota winter is a good thing. Even if sours aren't your thing, I would suggest trying this to broaden your horizons.

Will-I liked their Current Obsession New England IPA. It's a little different compared to other New England IPAs in terms of taste, but this one is worth drinking. It has a Pilsner malt base, with a lot of wheats, oats, and hops. At 6.1% ABV, it light enough that you can have more than one, and not feel it afterwards.

Note-9 Mile has added several new beers since we attended on opening night. We'll be visiting again soon to try them.

The Verdict

We feel like 9 Mile has a lot to offer, and we can't wait to see what else they have planned once they get settled in after the opening rush. As proud dog parents, we love that it's dog friendly. There is quite a bit of parking around there, as they are located in a business center, so finding a spot won't be a problem, unlike breweries in the inner cities.


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