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Bent Paddle Brewing

Duluth has become a very vibrant beer community over the past few years. Bent Paddle Brewing has been a staple in Duluth for nearly nine years now. It has become one of the biggest, and one of the most popular breweries, in Minnesota. You can find the beer pretty much anywhere. We have had their beer for years, but we've never been to the taproom, until we were able to visit in early November.

Outside the taproom

The Vibe

While Bent Paddle is a bigger brewery, they don't skimp on the details at the taproom. It's very warm and inviting. It has a fireplace that you can sit near on the colder days (it was cold on the day we went, and we took advantage), and there's some very comfortable seating nearby, if you don't want to sit up at the bar. It's situated near Lake Superior, so you get a good view of the lake from the taproom as well.

What to Drink

Tap list

A flight we had

Sami- I loved their Roasty Toasty Porter. It's one of their rotating nitro beers. It's nice, dark, and smooth. It was a definitely a good beer to drink on a colder day. It's only available at their taproom, and just won Best in Show at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild awards.

Will- I love their Black Ale. It's one of my favorites in this category. For a dark beer, it's really smooth, even in a can. It's malty, but not overpowering. I also tend to prefer this during the colder months, but you can really drink it year round.

The Verdict

We've been to some of the bigger breweries in Minnesota, but the details Bent Paddle puts in to everything is really impressive, and much better than some of the bigger breweries. From the taproom, to the brewing area, to the beer itself, they don't cut corners in any of their processes. If you're ever up on the north shore, this is a must stop.


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