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Castle Danger Brewing

Would you believe us if we told you a town of just over 3500 people is home to a brewery with one of the largest footprints in the state? In the words of legendary wrestler Kurt Angle, "It's true. It's damn true." Castle Danger's beer can be found all over the state of Minnesota, and their taproom, along Lake Superior, roughly 30 miles north of Duluth, is home to all of the beers you see around the state.

The Vibe

The taproom is big and open, with plenty of seating inside and outside. They have a big deck that looks out on Lake Superior. You definitely get the North Shore feel being there. It has a great view of the lake. Inside, it felt like a giant cabin.

What to Try

We don't always get the opportunity to do flights at breweries, but when we do, we definitely go for it. This was one of those opportunities.

Sami: White Pine Project IPA. It's a session IPA that's only 5.6% ABV. It has mellow malt character, but a hoppy flavor of an IPA. You definitely get some citrus notes and the tropical fruit. None of the notes are overly strong. They marry very well.

Will: The Ode IPA was one the first Castle Danger beer I tried several years ago. I liked it then, and I like it now. This IPA is a little higher in ABV at 6.8%, but it doesn't feel like it is. I will admit that it is a little more bitter than some traditional IPAs, but it's still a very drinkable beer.


Knowing how big they are, considering they're not allowed to sell growlers (stupid antiquated liquor laws), Castle Danger has a smaller taproom feel to it. They are dog friendly, as dogs are allowed on their patio. Even though it wasn't very busy the day we went, we enjoyed our time there. If you're vacationing on the North Shore, this is a place to stop for great beer and great views, any time of year.


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