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Chapel Brewing

How does a town of approximately 1500 people have a successful brewery? It's simple. You position it in a great location along a river, where you can attract people by land or by water.

Founded in 2017, Chapel Brewing, located in Dundas, sits in what used to be a chapel (hence the name). It's a small brewery located about 30 minutes south of the Twin Cities.

The Vibe

It's super peaceful because of it's small size, and the nature around it. It's definitely somewhere where you can either go by yourself, or congregate with a group of friends. There's only a few tables inside, but there is a big patio, with plenty of seating, and another area down below, by the Cannon River, where there are picnic tables, and benches, for other seating.

What To Try

Will- I recommend the Dukes Pilsner. It's a Czech Pilsner, coming in a low 4% ABV. It's a very refreshing Pilsner that was very easy drinking on a 90 degree day. It's one of the better Pilsners I've had.

Sami-My recommendation is the Kolsch. I was a little taken back by how dark it was for a Kolsch. I'm used to lighter Kolsches, but it was definitely light. It had a good body to it, and was very crisp. It's a good hot day beer.

The Verdict

Whether you're traveling through Minnesota, or just looking for an adventure outside of the Twin Cities, this a good stop along the way. You're going to get a good beer, and a good view of the river. And, you're going to have a good time.


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