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Three Twenty Brewing

Nestled in Pine City, or about the halfway point between the Twin Cities and Duluth, sits Three Twenty Brewing. Pine City's population is a little over 3000 people, and besides being the halfway point between the Twin Cities and Duluth, also sits about 15 miles from the border with Wisconsin. It is known to be one of the more friendly LGBTQ+ communities in Minnesota, and you will notice that in the brewery, as they have Pride shirts, with proceeds benefiting the local GLAD organization.

The Vibe

You could tell you were in a small town inside. It was very welcoming. It was fairly open. For as small of a space as it is, it felt big. As stated earlier, it is very LGBTQ+ friendly.

One of the things that stood out to us was their "Beer it Forward" board, where you could essentially buy a beer for someone, whether it be a regular, or a member of the local police.

What To Drink

Sami- I liked their Oktoberfest. While it didn't necessarily blow me away, it was something that was still good and malty, and went down well.

Will- I didn't know it until after I drank it, but their Happy Wife porter is an award winner, having won an award in 2019 in the porter category from The Growler. It was malty, but not bitter. If you're trying to get a friend to like darker beers, this is a good beer to start them off with.

The Verdct

If you're on your way up north, or coming down to the Twin Cities to visit, Three Twenty Brewing is a great spot to stop in for a beer. It's close enough to the interstate where you don't feel like you're going out of your way to be there. We're already looking forward to making another trip there to try some of their year round beers.


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