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Under Pressure Brewing

The western part of the Twin Cities metro is sort of uncharted territory for us. We haven't made it to many breweries in that part of the metro. Recently though, we changed that by visiting Under Pressure Brewing in Golden Valley.

Walking in to there is not the normal experience you would see when you go visit other breweries. When you walk in, you feel like you're in medieval times, as you walk in to what feels like a castle. Some tables even have chess at the table, so you can play with a friend while drinking.

There aren't many breweries around that have a library in their brewery, but Under Pressure has one, and you are welcome to read a book while you enjoy your beer, and the subjects of those books varied, so you are likely to find something to read while there.

What stands out with Under Pressure is the variety of beers. Not only do they have well over 20 taps with every type of beer imaginable, but their blendery is unique and popular as well. Want to try something different? You can have some of their beers blended together and have something you've never experienced. Their Harry Potter themed Butter Beer was a hit with Sami, who said it was the best beer she had on her visit.

Of course, if you want your standard types of IPAs, stouts, ales, etc, you will have no problem finding one for you. Will is a big fan of Black IPAs, and very few breweries make them. Their beers have won over 40 medals in various competitions. He found one there, and he enjoyed it very much. Oh, and they are very dog friendly, so bring your four legged friends along.

We keep harping about the variety of beers, but that's what sets this place apart from other breweries. You can literally drink anything imaginable at this place. We recommend it on that alone.


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